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Verkhneketsky district

The territory of Verkhneketsky district is 43348,9 km². It occupies the 2d largest territory of Tomsk oblast after Kargasok region.

The population is 18500 people, the density is 0,5 person for 1 km².

Bely Yar village as a settlement was founded in 1930 and now is the administrative center of Verkhneketsky district.

The district borders on:

  • Kargasoksky, Kolpashevsky, Parabelsky districts and Krasnoyarsky kray in the north, west, northwest, northeast and east;
  • on Pervomaysky, Molchanovsky, Teguldetsky districts in the south, southwest, southeast.

In 1939 the boundaries of the district were changed.

The municipal formation «Verkhneketsky district» includes the administration of Beloyarsky okrug (Bely Yar village, Poludenovka village, Palochka village, Rybinsk village, Tainoe village) and 7 rural administrations: Kataiginskaya (Kataiga village, Ust-Ozernoe village), Klyukvinskaya (Klyukvinka village), Makzyrskaya (Lisitsa village, Makzyr village), Orlovskaya (Tsentralny village, Druzhny village), Saiginskaya (Saiga village), Stepanovskaya (Stepanovka village, Maximkin Yar village), Yagodninskaya (Yagodnoe village, Nibega village, Sandzhik village). 

Nowadays rich deposits of building materials (brick clays, refractory materials) and peat (the total reserves are 4116606 thousand tons; it’s 14 % from the region peat reserves) are the most perspective to the commercial development. 

The bowels of the earth of Verkhneketsky district have a great amount of thermal mineral water. The well in Bely Yar is used for this purpose. The population of the district has already appreciated the effectiveness while treating body organs, cardio-vascular systems and skin diseases. 

The territory of the forest fund and forests which form the forest fund is 2934 thousand hectares. The district woodland is 67 % (for comparison Tomsk oblast woodland is 62 %). The total reserves of ripe wood in the forests of the district are 374 mln m³ (64 %). The total reserves of cedar forest are about 699 thousand hectares with the reserves of wood 155 mln. m³.  

There is a great variety of mushrooms, berries and nuts. In a good year for the crops the stocks of them achieve several thousands of tons. Many villagers of Verkhneketsky district gather growing wild. It’s good for their family budget. Unfortunately, different sorts of herbs are not demanded yet.

The most part of animals of Verkhneketsky district are species of taiga: brown bear, elk, reindeer, lynx, sable, squirrel, mink, ermine, Siberian weasel, hare, wood-grouse, black-grouse, hazel-grouse, horse. The hunting grounds occupy 4 thousand hectares. Winter and autumn hunting routes of high comfort are offered on this territory. 

The lakes and rivers of this district are rich of fish. There are more than 20 species. The most valuable of them are salmon, starlet, Siberian white salmon. The highest fish catches are in ide, pike, burbot, perch, crucian, bream, roach, carp.

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